Not only did it run very smoothly for me but he is a very caring man.

Well, in May of this year my brother was struck and killed by a car on Ulmerton Rd. and being in the state of mind that I was when this happened to him, I really didn't know where to turn or what to do. I felt as though I needed some help.

I called the office. We had a conversation and Jim immediately lifted the burden from me of what I needed to do at this time. And, from that point forward, everything was handled in a very smooth manner. I didn't have any worries. I completely had faith in what was happening and that he had my best interest at heart to be able to handle everything that I had to do after my brother passed away.

It's very hard to reconcile that the person you've taken care of is gone. My brother was a single man. I cut his hair. I gave him my leftovers. He lived a mile away. I clothed him. I bought him shoes when he needed shoes. He was basically like my child. And, I felt like I lost my child.

I doubt that I even would have thought about the legal things until my mind was clear. And, knowing that that was being taken care of was really good because I had enough to take care of. Just with my own physical and mental stability.

How sad that my brother's life meant so little and that the insurance company was on the side of their client, and that my brother didn't matter.

It's a relief of the burden. It was something that I could just release into someone else's hands. Kind of like you give things over to God. He takes care of them and you leave it. You leave it with him. You leave it with the attorney and whatever is God's will it's gonna work out for however it needs to be.

It has been a very wonderful experience to be associated with this law firm and if someone were in need as I was, I would totally recommend that they contact Jim Dodson's firm. Not only did it run very smoothly for me but he is a very caring man.

Each case is different and past results do not necessarily indicate future results.

Mary Ann