Jim brought the playing field to an even status.

I'm an avid cyclist and I like to ride three, four or five times a week. The day I got up I couldn't ride with the bike club because they were riding at nine o'clock in the morning and it was a foggy day so I decided to sleep in and take a bike ride later out on Long Boat Key.

On the way back down in Long Boat Key there was stopped traffic and I was riding in the bike lane and I was thinking to myself what a beautiful day it was and then all of the sudden a car door flew open in front of me, the passenger door. I had absolutely no time to react other then to yell "no" and I got blindsided by the door and it changed my life and it impacted my life considerably. From there I was taken immediately to the emergency room, classified as a trauma and they were fearful that I may bleed out or because of the head injuries not even make it to the hospital. And, this was a new beginning to a new part of my life.

I called some friends in the bike club and they said "hey, there's this guy named Jim Dodson, he's an avid rider, he's a member of most of the bike clubs, he's a cycling advocate and he's a pretty good guy, so why don't you give him a call." And, that's literally what happened and then I got on email that evening and sent him an email and he called me the following morning. He started to get things rolling.

Jim took the heat off of all the stuff that I had to worry about. As far as even getting the bicycle repaired all the way through the process. He was always in contact with me as far as where I was in the medical recovery, where my wife Joyce was in her part of it and wives suffer as much as we do sometimes with the reparation process. And, I knew that he was really caring about me as an individual in the process of getting well. You don't get well quickly. It takes a long, long time. And, that's one of things I'll always remember. I consider Jim to be a friend because of the personal relationship that we developed. Jim is not a big company where you will not meet with Jim or talk with Jim. He was always readily available for me to be able to be in contact with him.

One of the things I found out was that in the art of the negotiation, unless you're trained in that art, you're going to get lost. It was apparent to me very quickly that even with Jim Dodson there, that this was outside of my ballpark but inside of his ballpark. What the insurance company thought was fair and equitable was absolutely incredulously out of the ballpark. It simply wasn't anywhere near what all the things that had happened and transpired. Jim brought the playing field to an even status. What he was able to accomplish was something I simply couldn't accomplish. And, that is to stand up to an insurance guy whose job was to try and cheat you out of things that you deserved.

In the day of negotiations, we felt comfortable going in that we had the right man. When we came out we were absolutely confident that he had done the very best and then some to represent us. And, that was most important.

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