When I Come to Mr. Dodson's Office, I Know that Things are going to Get Taken Care Of

Working with Jim Dodson. It's his firm. It's his work. And, it's very obvious working with him and Judi that they take everything they do in their business as a reflection on him personally.

I met Mr. Dodson just a few days after my wife's death. We had a one on one conversation. I liked his attitude. He wasn't pushy and he knew I was upset and he talked with me.

Just in that first conversation, I think the reason I gained the trust that I needed to make the hiring decision was the type of questions that he asked. The questions again were related to me. What it was that my expectations were.

I wasn't rushed. I wasn't hurried. My questions were answered. Anytime I called the office, someone has always answered my questions, been there or called me right back. I felt like I mattered.

I'm doing this testimonial because I believe in what Jim Dodson stands for and what he does. And, I believe there are a lot of people out there like me that are injured, that do have trouble out there. We all get into trouble, yet they don't know who to call or how to take care of the problem.

When I come to Mr. Dodson's office, I know that things are going to get taken care of.

He explained everything to me and put me well at ease. I knew I had nothing to be upset about or worried about because he was doing what had to be done. And, that's what he did.

I always feel like when I come here that everything is going to be alright.

I wasn't promised anything which was a positive to me.

The outcome was beyond my expectations you might say. The outcome was very, very profitable for me.

I think the thing that made me gain trust was just the type of individual person that Jim is. I felt it. I felt it right away that he was not looking to take on an accident case and get what he could get and then just move on. He took me on as a person, as a client first.

There's so much bad publicity out there about lawyers. We've all heard it all and it's not true. It doesn't have to be true. There are good people out there that can work with your values and take good care of you. And, it doesn't have to be ugly. It can be a very positive experience and working with Jim was a very positive experience to me and I'm just very happy to share that with everyone.

Each case is different and past results do not necessarily indicate future results.

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