My Husband was Knocked Off His Bicycle During a Group Ride. Can Something Be Done?

Video Transcription:
All of us as cyclists in general enjoy the opportunity to ride in a group from time to time. There’s a lot of advantages in riding in a group in addition to just being with your friends and the social part but drafting other riders and seeing new places. It’s fun. But one of the downsides to riding in a group is you have to be really aware of where you are in the group, making sure the person behind you isn’t crowding you.

I got a call recently from the wife of a cyclist who was riding in one of these groups and the rider behind him got too close, locked his rear wheel, and the guy went down, broke his collar bone and had some other injuries. The wife was calling to find out, what could be done. The answer is if the rider who is approaching another rider, in other words following in a line and they get too close, in my view they can be found responsible for crowding the person ahead of them.

If the cyclist who was crowding the other cyclist is at fault and they are a homeowner, there could be a claim against their homeowner’s insurance. Believe it or not their homeowner’s insurance may protect them in that situation.

While there is great advantages to riding in a group, there’s certainly disadvantages to doing it as well. But there is something you can do if this happens to you. One thing to keep in mind though, is many times you may be riding in a club sponsored event. If you look at the application to join a club, many of them are written in such a way that they will actually release or prevent a claim being brought against a participant in a club sponsored event as well as the club itself.

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