A Florida Accident Caused By a Car Turning Left

Video Transcription:
A left turning driver is one of the most common accidents and they often fall into three major categories.

  1. A driver turning left hits a cyclist. This typically happens when someone is riding on the right side of the road and the car is coming from the opposite direction and turns left into their path.
  2. A driver turning left hits someone riding a motorcycle.
  3. A pedestrian walking on the right hand side of the road and is hit by a vehicle coming from the opposite direction and turns left into their path.

Drivers who are turning left have their attention focused on a few different things. They are looking at oncoming traffic, they are focused on where they want to turn and they are typically moving faster than a right turning car because they are coming across the traffic lane. This situation has the potential for a lot of bad things to happen. These types of collisions, generally result in very serious injuries and need to be taken seriously. The driver turning left is almost always at fault because they failed to yield the right away to the person coming from the opposite direction.

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