Car Accidents Caused By Someone Pulling Out in Front of You

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Failure to yield accidents happen across Florida everyday. Let's talk about how they happen.

Every failure to yield case involves a victim who has the right of way and a driver who didn't obey the right of way.

The most common times you see this is going to be a car coming out of a parking lot or a car that is waiting at a light to turn left against oncoming traffic. If those accidents happen on a two or three lane road where speed limits are 45 or 50 mph, the impact is going to be very severe. The passenger or the driver is going to be seriously injured or even killed.

These types of accidents usually occur because someone is usually in a hurry or inattentive or have simply been distracted by something that got their attention off of what they should be paying attention to.

In our practice we are committed to holding drivers responsible when distraction, inattention or carelessness causes death or injury to another driver.

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