A Lawyer Wants to Send Someone to My House to Sign Me Up, is That a Good Thing?

Video Transcription:
When a law firm offers to send a runner to someone’s home to sign them up after an accident, it clearly is a convenience. The question that you need to have on your mind is whether it is in the long rung going to be in your best interest. The reason I say this is there are many firms that have a business model that they run a very high volume of cases where clients essentially deal with paralegals and a client can go through an entire case from start to finish and never talk to a lawyer. And, some people are obviously satisfied with this process and this is something you need to decide.

Other clients in smaller firms will deal personally with a lawyer. When they have a question, they’ll call, certainly deal with a paralegal from time to time, but if they have questions about the case, they’ll be answered by the lawyer and the lawyer will handle all the negotiations and be communicating with the client about that whole process.

So, if you are contemplating or you have been dealing with a firm that signed you up this way, the question is whether they’ve designed their practice so that you’ll never deal with a lawyer directly. And, if you are frustrated that you’re not getting return phone calls from a lawyer or you can never a reach a lawyer that would be a pretty good indication that that’s the nature of how they have designed their practice. And, you have to decide if that’s in your best interest.

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