A Message for Caregivers of TBI Victims

Video Transcription:
In our practice of dealing with brain injured victims, we deal with the family members as well because when someone suffers a devastating brain injury the caregivers, those in their immediate circle, are deeply affected also.

I’m shooting this video in November of 2016 and we are about to award a $1500 scholarship to a brain injured victim or a caregiver who has submitted applications to our office with the most compelling story of overcoming or dealing with this issue. In looking at the applications that have come in, they are quite astonishing and we are posting them to the site. I would urge you to follow the link to those essays because if you are someone who is dealing with a brain injury or someone who is caring for someone with a brain injury, I think that these stories will let you know that you aren’t in this alone.

We were extremely inspired in reading these stories and I think you will be as well.

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