How Do You Lose 105 Pounds Riding an Electric Bicycle?

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Hi, I'm Jim Dodson, The Florida Bike Guy. So, how can you lose 105 pounds using an e-bike? You know, Kati found this fascinating story to me. I first read it. I sort of mentioned it in passing in a recent program we did, but there's a guy up in Wisconsin, I think that's where he lives, who found himself, he had loved riding bikes as a child. You know, that great enthusiasm we have when we were young but life took over. He finds himself 63 years old, weighing 270 pounds, taking medications for three different heart, blood pressure, all those typical ailments and realizing, hey, I gotta do something to change my life.

I was just captivated by his story because I think everyone knows someone who needs help to make that decision to get their life healthy again, and I just thought this guy presented such an amazing story. He just, he decided I'm going to do something for myself that's going to help, and see you know, what he actually did was he, he wanted to ride a bike.

He decided he was going ride an e-bike. He Googled, what was it, "bikes for overweight, old men with bad backs," kind of a typical Google search. So, he was led to a company that produces a bike up in Iowa called the Patriot, the Day 6 Patriot, and he got an e-bike version from them. They're specifically designed for heavier guys, specifically designed to have a profile or that was easy on the back, and he started riding. You know, he talks about the first day he rode, he went nine miles. His average speed was 11.9 miles an hour, and he had 700 feet of climbing, but, you know, he did his first day and he started just regularly riding his e-bike.

I'm fascinated by this because I've talked before about the fact that the barrier for entry and the perceived effort on an e-bike is so much less than what we have for a regular bicycle, and some people who want to get an exercise program and change their lives but really are reluctant to get a bicycle because it looks like it might be too much work for them. An e-bike really solves that for many people, and this guy really kind of fit within that framework because he started off deciding whether to get a regular bike or get the e-bike.

But amazingly, over the course of time, he just stayed with it. You know, his goal was maybe I can get down to 22 lbs, that'd be great, and he stayed with it. At six months, he was then riding 30 miles a day. He was doing 2,000 feet of elevation and his cruising speed was close to 16 miles an hour. So, he's definitely making big progress, and he's dropping the weight. Initially, he started dropping a pound a week. Then, he started looking at his diet. He ramped up his loss to two pounds a week. He added some interval training. He started doing some sprints at the gym on the stationary bike, and I think it was after two years, he was down to 165 pounds which is amazing!

He was what he weighed at high school, and can you imagine that sense of satisfaction because his health got better and his family recognized the difference it made in him. He felt great. He looked great. He was exercising, doing the things he wanted to do on the bike. His wife recognized that. They got a similar bike for her for their anniversary. They started riding together. They took a, they took a long weekend to go to now down to Natchez Trace so they could ride initially on a flat surface to get her accustomed to riding the bike. Their children started getting themselves in better shape.

So, it's just a great story to me, and I bring it up because again, most of my viewers don't need this, but every one of us knows someone who does need this and has a desire to make themselves healthy but maybe doesn't know what is the one thing they need to do to start. What's something they could do? The gym seems intimidating to so many people. Bicycles seem intimidating to people to don't ride.  I'm telling you e-bikes change the trajectory for everyone in this category. Everyone who wants to get better, and even though they have the perceived reduction in effort, the cardio benefits are virtually the same.

So,  I hope you use this story. I hope it's inspiring to you. Hope it's inspiring to someone that you know, because you can, if you encourage someone that you love, work with them, help them, guide them, go with them, ride with them, help them, make the decision about what e-bike to buy, you can change their life. Just encourage them to stick it through.

Okay. So,you know, I'm Jim Dodson, The Florida Bike Guy, I represent cyclists whether you've been injured in a bike crash or as a passenger or driver in a motor vehicle accident, just call me. Let's talk about what we can do to help you regardless of where you are in Florida. I hope you enjoyed this program and, we'll see you out there next time. Thanks! Bye.

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