Different Types of Hematomas Found in the Brain

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Hematomas are familiar to almost everybody. They are found on the outside of our body on the skin which we call a bruise. But they occur in the brain as well. Hematomas occur when the blood escapes from the vessel and when it does that it tends to accumulate.

Three Types of Hematomas Caused By Brain Injuries

  1. Epidural or extradural hematomas occur on the outside of the tough memrbane that surrounds the brain called the dura. These are typically less of an emergency problem but sometimes they do require surgery. They are generally very treatable.
  2. Intracranial hematomas occur inside the structure of the brain. When brain accumulates in the structure of the brain it typically starts to interrupt functions of the brain pretty quickly. These can actually be fatal and they need to be diagnosed and treated immediately.
  3. Subdural hematomas occur beneath the outer layer of the dura but not within the brain cavity itself. What happens with this type of hematoma is the blood begins to accumulate, typically it coagulates creating a clot. As this clot grows it puts pressure on the brain tissue right beneath it. Many of these subdural hematomas may take days and even weeks to accumulate because it might be a very slow bleed. They are usually treatable but sometimes they do require surgery.

These are the three primary hematomas that affect the brain.

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