Is it Required in Florida to Give Hand Signals When You're Riding Your Bike?

Video Transcription:
I want to talk about three signals that cyclists are required to give when they ride.

  1. If you are going to change lanes, turning to the left then a hand signal to the the left is required by law.
  2. If you are going to change lanes, turning to the right then a hand signal to the the right is required by law.
  3. A cyclist is also required to give the "stop" or "slow" signal.

It’s very common for a lot of signals to be given when we ride in a group because there is a lot of communication that goes on. The larger challenge for us as cyclists is to use these signals when we are riding by ourselves or maybe with just one or two other people. If we do these things it will go a long way to make sure that cars know what you’re doing and will be more apt to stay out of your way.

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