Jim Dodson Finds Meaning in Helping Accident Victims

Video Transcription:
Everybody in their work has the opportunity to do things that are meaningful to them and things that add to the lives of people they work with or serve. And, it doesn't matter what your line of work might be.

Someone asked me one time what I was most grateful for as a personal injury lawyer. I said that's easy because at the end of every case I sit down and talk to each client about what they experienced and what they appreciated most about what we have done during our representation. If you look at our video testimonials, you'll see that there is a consistent theme about how they're most appreciative for us helping them through what they thought was the darkest period of their life, maybe the most difficult thing they've had to overcome.

This is what I'm grateful for. I don't think it could have been expressed more poignantly to me than recently when I was interviewing a client about their case, and it was a serious accident and we had an excellent result for them. His wife said "I have something I want to say." And I said,  "what's that?" And she said, "other than marrying my husband and making that decision to marry him, hiring you was the next best thing I've ever done." I thought, wow, what more can you say beyond that?

Jim Dodson
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A Florida injury lawyer, family man and avid cyclist who clients have trusted for over 25 years.