A Concussion Caused By a Bicycle Crash

Video Transcription:
When cyclists are involved in a crash even if they are wearing a helmet there’s a good probability that they might suffer some type of concussion. The reality of the mechanics of a bike crash, whether a dog runs out in front of you and you’re thrown over the handlebars or a car runs into you or you simply fall off because of another incident and you hit the ground, there’s a good chance that the force of your head hitting an object or the pavement is going to cause a concussion.

Remember that we aren’t immune from concussions or brain injuries simply because we have a helmet on. Helmets by and large are designed to prevent a skull fracture. Even the new MIPS helmets will minimize the chance of a concussion but certainly don’t eliminate it.

It’s important that any cyclist that who has been involved in a crash reports their injuries to any doctors they see as well and, particularly be sure to report any symptoms they are suffering that may indicate a concussion. These might include loss of memory, headaches, a feeling of being off balance, problem finding words, etc. There is a number of these symptoms and we have outlined them in a free report that you can download from our website.

If you’ve been involved in a crash like this, don’t ignore these symptoms. Make sure your doctor knows about them and that they are adequately diagnosed and treated.

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