Jim Dodson, The Florida Bike Guy Talks About Cycling Safety Tips

Video Transcription:
I'm Jim Dodson, the Florida Bike Guy. When I came back to cycling as an adult, I was a mountain biker and I loved it. My son and I have been to California, Alaska, Pennsylvania, Utah, you name it. But now I ride a road bike. I knew that when I was on a mountain bike, that I pretty much only had to worry about myself. But you and I know that when we’re on the road we are sharing it with every type of vehicle and every type of driver.

My practice as an injury lawyer, I’m seeing the affects of what happens when one of these distracted or inattentive drivers tangles with a cyclist. And, Florida is one of the worst states in the nation for cycling safety. When you or I are on the road, we share it with these drivers and we all face the same risks.

You’d probably be shocked to understand that 25% of the cars in Florida have no insurance. That’s right, none. And, most of the rest have lousy insurance because Florida has lousy insurance laws. Most of the cars that pass us everyday when we are on the road don’t have enough insurance to get us out of the emergency room.

I’ve talked to hundreds of cyclists every year and I have found that most cyclists simply haven’t been told how their own car insurance policy can help protect them against drivers who have little or no insurance.

I’m not selling insurance. I’m not selling anything. But I have put together a very simple easy-to-read guide that will help you understand exactly what you need to do talking to your own insurance agent to protect yourself. It’s called Uninsured Motorist - Don’t Leave Home Without It! I think this is the most valuable information I can provide and I hope you request your free copy today.

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