Direct Impact vs. Indirect Impact Brain Injuries

Video Transcription:
When we look at the variety of ways that people can suffer a brain injury we can look at it in terms of a direct impact or an indirect impact. The classic example of a direct impact to the brain would be being hit by a line drive at a baseball game or a bat that breaks and flies into the stands and strikes someone in the head. This can directly affect brain tissue because of the speed and trauma of being struck in the head.

There is also called an indirect impact that can cause brain damage. This occurs when the head moves in such a way that the brain is agitated, moving forward and then backward or side to side, and the brain strikes either side of the head causing damage to the brain itself.

In either one of these, whether it's direct or indirect, it can cause brain injury, damage to the neurons or nerves of the brain. This can manifest itself in our lives and one of the most common things is memory loss. The damage could also cause problems with word finding, personality changes and there is a whole host of other symptoms that can occur from a direct impact or an indirect impact to the head.

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