How a Bus Riding Too Close to Bike Lane Can Injure a Cyclist

Video Transcription:
I talk to a lot of cyclists who end up in situations where they get injured. I had an experience on a ride recently where I'm on Gulf Blvd. with a 35 mph speed limit. I have a rear view mirror of course, and I'm kind of watching to make sure what's coming behind me but I'm paying attention as we all do to what's ahead, the driveways, the traffic, and stuff on the road. Suddenly, on my left side out of nowhere there appears this bus and I'm looking down and the bus is right on the bike lane line. And, they go by you at 35 mph, so it's here and gone and there's two or three cars on the bus' tail. You get no identification from them and your initial reaction is like this adrenaline squeeze.

The reason I mention this is because I had another situation for a client in another county where that same exact scenario resulted in a very serious back injury. We ended up suing the bus company. I reached out to the bus company in my own county and told them that I wanted to hear from somebody because the driver in my situation was either inattentive or indifferent and either one of these reasons is dangerous to someone on a bicycle. Of course, I didn't hear back.

These types of situations happen when you least expect it and this is the reason we as cyclists need to be careful.

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