Can I Sue if I was Hit By a Florida City Bus as a Cyclist?

Video Transcription:
Local governments have the same responsibility that you and I do about preventing injury to someone. Let’s talk about how they can be held responsible when they do cause injury.

We’re all aware that when someone is negligent they can be held accountable for the harm that they’ve caused. And, the same rules apply to city or local governments. And, this comes into play in two common ways:

  1. The way they maintain their roads, sidewalks and other structures;
  2. And, the vehicles they have driving around the community, from buses to city trucks.

So, when a local government does something which is negligent and they cause injury to a cyclist, they can be held responsible just as a private person can be. However, there are some special rules about local governments:

  1. There’s a shorter time to put them on notice;
  2. And, we have sovereign immunity in Florida which limits, or caps the damages they have to pay.

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