Client Testimonial on the Importance of Having Uninsured Motorist Insurance

Video Transcription:
Melissa, a client of Jim Dodson Law, was stopped at a traffic light when she was rear ended. In this video she talks about what she learned as a result of not having uninsured motorist coverage. She had no idea that she didn't have UM protection. She thought that because she had "full coverage" this meant she was fully protected from uninsured drivers. She found out the hard way this is not true. Unfortunately, many Florida drivers don't have UM insurance. This is very important coverage to carry on your auto policy because more than 25% of drivers on our roads are driving without car insurance.

Attorney Jim Dodson offers a consumer guide titled Uninsured Motorist Insurance - Don't Leave Home Without It! Get your free copy today to find out how to protect yourself from millions of drivers in Florida who have little or no insurance.

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