What are the Most Common Knee Injuries After an Accident?

Video Transcription:
Probably one of the most common injuries to the knee in an accident is some type of tearing of one of the ligaments that hold the knee together. Remember these ligaments provide structure and actually hold the knee in place to allow it to go through it's range of motion.

Typically, we hear about the anterior cruciate ligament, the posterior cruciate ligament and sometimes the medial collateral ligament being injured. When these ligaments get torn in an accident because of rotational forces or because of impact, sometimes they can be rehabilitated through therapy, immobilizers, medication and sometimes injections. But often because of the damage that has been done to the ligament, the only thing that is going to be definitive in terms of returning it's function is to do some type of surgery.

The other common injury to the knee is damage to the cartilage that sits on top of the tibia, the large bone in our lower leg where it comes up and meets the femur from the upper leg. The cartilage on top of the tibia is usually quite smooth and allows the two joints to move together without a lot of friction but in the forces of an accident sometimes that cartilage gets torn or ripped, and many times that results in the knee locking up, not moving through it's normal range of motion. And, again if therapy isn't successful, it's pretty common for the doctor to have to go in there and shave that cartilage down and remove the torn area.

So, these are the most common knee injuries that we see in an accident in Florida.

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