What Compensation is Possible After a Florida Pedestrian Injury Crash?

Video Transcription:
I think one of the most common questions we have after a serious pedestrian crash is what am I entitled to in terms of compensation. Everyone understands, I think, that pain and suffering is involved in any type of a physical injury and that's certainly an element of the compensation. But pain and suffering is both mental and physical. Mental is both emotional, mental and physical.

Every aspect of how the accident has caused pain to your life, scarring, disfigurement, limitations, the loss of the ability to enjoy your life are all part of pain and suffering as well as the physical issues of dealing with your injuries.

Certainly, any medical expenses, both those that you have had up to date and those that you will have in the future that the doctor says you will reasonably need are entitled to be compensated for in Florida.

And, then you have the loss of the ability to earn a living. Many times you may have been off a day or two but in more serious cases you may never be able to return to the work that you were doing before. So loss of earnings and future earnings will also be compensated for.

These are the broad categories that anyone who has been in a Florida pedestrian accident may be able to be recovered or compensated for.

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