How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Car Accident Lawyer in Florida?

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Remember when you hire a lawyer in a personal injury case, the lawyer is looking to your case as the source of how they will get paid. So what this means is that if you hire a lawyer, they know that they have to successfully settle your case in order to for them to receive a percentage of that settlement. Which is the lawyer fee. If the case does not settle and you don't receive compensation, then the lawyer doesn't receive anything either.

Most cases require the lawyer to spend some money on things like accessing medical records, getting opinions of doctors, and investigating various other things but these costs are reimbursed out of the settlement that is recovered for your case.

At Jim Dodson Law we make it very personal to our clients with our No Fee Promise which simply states that you will never write a check to us, you will only get a check when your case successfully settles. We never charge to discuss your case and once you are our client we never charge for our time in working with you on the phone, in the office or answering your email questions. That's why we say it never costs you anything out of pocket to hire us, it's only a percentage of your settlement check.

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