Bicycle Safety Tips All Florida Cyclists Should Know

Video Transcription:
We all understand as cyclists, we need to pay attention to our surroundings but we also need to be visible as much as we can to drivers who may not be looking for us.

In all my years of representing injured cyclists, here are some things I believe are important to help minimize the opportunity or the chance to be hit by a car.

1) Always wear a helmet.

2) You need to always have the brightest lights that you can buy. Not some cheap light that no one can see at any distance.

3) You need to have on highly reflective clothing. Something that people can see when they are not looking for you.

4) You need to know and obey the safety rules.

Cyclists are involved in about 5,000 crashes each year in Florida. Over 4,000 cyclists are injured and about 100 of those lose their lives each year. The highest percentage of these accidents happen in urban areas. Surprisingly, most don’t happen at an intersection.

We all know someone who is doing everything right and still got hurt. Just in the last few weeks in my office, I talked to several people. One person was riding their bike in the bike lane and was hit by a car coming out of parking lot. They ended up with $250,000 in medical bills. Another person again was riding in the bike lane and was thrown off their bike by a vehicle that came too close to them and they ended up in the hospital for a week. And, then someone else was within two blocks of their home and they were hit by a car and now they are confined to a wheelchair. This has got to stop.

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