Nearly Hit at a Four Way Stop Because Both the Cyclist & Driver Didn't Stop

Video Transcription:
As cyclists, I think we have a tendency to see what cars do wrong that leads to these kind of accidents but sometimes I think we need to look at ourselves as well.

I was on a Friday morning ride, no big deal. I'm in a neighborhood with a low speed limit, 25 or 30 mph and I'm coming to a four way stop. There's no traffic except for one car coming off to my right. I get to the stop sign, slow down, pretty slow but I don't stop and I'm looking at the car and the car is coming to the stop bar and he looks like he's stopping. Suddenly now, I'm in the middle of the intersection right into his path and the guy doesn't stop. He keeps coming. He doesn't see me until I'm right in front of the car, it's like within a foot or two of the bumper. I'm going too slow to really get out of his way. His first reaction is the usual reaction which is "I never saw you."

As I went on, I was thinking he didn't stop but I didn't stop either and that would have prevented the problem as well. A lot of times, those situations work out but sometimes they don't. And we as cyclists need to keep that in mind when we are out there on the road.

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