I was Seriously Injured in a Cycling Crash Caused By a Car that Didn't Hit Me

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It's common for cyclists to get involved in a serious crash caused by a driver who didn't actually make contact or hit them. So, the question is, can the cyclist still pursue a claim? The answer is yes.

These types of accidents can happen in a number of ways. It's pretty common for a car to make a left turn and not see the cyclist coming, making the cyclist to have to deflect off the road or stop suddenly. Other common ways this could occur is when a car doesn't stop at a stop sign or when a driver is pulling out of a driveway. All of these instances can result in very serious injuries.

In order, to pursue a claim it's important to get as much information as possible about the driver or the car. It's important to report it to the police timely so there's an investigation and the documentation of what happened. It's very helpful to try and get as many witnesses that were with you or happen to be at the scene of the accident to confirm what they saw. The bottom line is just because the driver didn't make any contact doesn't mean there isn't a claim.

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