What are the Types of Damages Caused By Cervical Spine Injuries?

Video Transcription:
Typically in a cervical spine injury you are talking about damage to the first seven vertebrae of the spine. A cervical spine injury can be caused by soft tissue damage to the soft connective tissues of the spine or it could be an actual herniated cervical disc where the disc material has extruded and it’s hit a nerve causing pain.

There is a broad variety of the types of damage that can be caused by a cervical injury from motor damage to paraplegia or nerve damage, pain, numbness, and tingling. It can be quite disturbing for anyone who has suffered this type of injury.

One of the things that we see on x-rays a lot on cervical injuries is what the doctor or the radiologist may call a loss of cervical lordosis. It’s a medical term for the natural curvature of the spine that we generally have in a healthy adult. When that spinal curvature begins to straighten or it loses it’s normal curvature it can be from muscle spasms that are actually pulling on the spine.

Someone who has had a spinal injury of this type certainly needs to be evaluated by a physician who understands it, can diagnose it and can tell the difference between a soft tissue injury which may heal or get better with treatment or something that is much more serious.

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