Most Governmental Organizations will Not Settle a Case

Video Transcription:
If you or someone you know has been injured in some type of accident involving a city, county, state or governmental entity, you have to understand that dealing with them is totally different than dealing with a standard insurance company. Most of these governmental organizations do not want to settle cases, period. We have found that most of the time we end up having to file a lawsuit in order to hold them responsible.

I'll give you an example which sort of typifies dealing with county government. I had a gentlemen who was injured in an accident and in our view clearly the government's responsibility. The first thing they did when we put them on notice was to find a way to try to blame another entity for it. When they couldn't do that, they realized it really was their property and then they denied liability for the claim because they said "it was something the person had done." In other words, if they had been looking more carefully and if they hadn't gone in a particular place, they wouldn't have gotten injured. So, first they try to blame someone else and then they deny responsibility.

So, essentially they leave you in a position where, in our view, those arguments aren't very good but you have to file a lawsuit in order to hold them responsible. They know that they are dealing with tax dollars. They rely on the fact that juries understand their dealing with tax dollars and that tends in their view to hold down what they may end up having to pay out ultimately for the value of the claim.

We handle these claims. They can be held responsible but the case are just different and handled differently than with the standard insurance company.

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