Anxiety After a Serious Car Accident is Very Common

Video Transcription:
In my experience in dealing with clients, I think that anxiety after an accident is a lot more common than the medical records of our clients will actually reflect. I think too many people are sort of willing to accept their anxiety and not relay it to their doctor. Anxiety can be mild. You can have mild anxiety, concern, or anxiousness about an accident or thinking about it or having heart palpitations for instance.

But many times anxiety becomes a lot more serious. Many people lose the ability to get in a car at all or to get in a car in traffic and drive or even be a passenger in a car. I was with a client who was involved in a serious accident where we were driving in traffic and a car simply pulled up next to us. My client almost crawled over into the driver's seat trying to avoid the other driver that was coming up. And, this wasn't a near miss or anything. So, when someone has a severe reaction because of an accident, it can actually be a form of post traumatic stress, and obviously when it gets into that level, this is something that needs to be discussed with the doctor.

All of these symptoms need to be discussed with your doctor because it doesn't matter if you're suffering these things if it's not reflected in your medical records in terms of having a value or affecting what your case may be worth. So, make sure these are described to your doctor and make sure that certainly in the most serious cases that this post traumatic stress is being diagnosed, treated and your quality of life is actually being returned, so that you can do the things that you need to do and have enjoyed in the past.

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