Hiring Attorney Jim Dodson is Something I will Never Regret

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In March of 2008, our client, Debbie was seriously injured in a car accident rear end collision by a driver going 60 miles per hour. She suffered a severe neck injury and needed surgery. Her injury required months of medical treatment and physical therapy. Debbie discusses dealing with the insurance company and the reasons she hired personal injury attorney Jim Dodson instead of trying to settle her injury case on her own.

After the accident, our client was asked by well meaning friends, '"Do you need to hire an attorney?" Some suggested she could get more money if she'd settle the case on her own. But, the insurance company for the driver responsible for the collision contacted her right away. The adjuster wanted her to answer questions and give them information and details about the accident. Debbie realized she couldn't handle the opposition from the insurance company by herself. She saw the importance of having a lawyer who would put her best interests above everything and be her partner through the entire legal process. Our client wanted a lawyer who was "an expert" to stand beside her to take care of things and remove the stress she was feeling. Debbie strongly recommends that an accident victim contact an attorney before talking with the insurance company. She said "hiring attorney Jim Dodson is something she will never regret" both for peace of mind and what she was able to recover for financially.

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