I Got a Low Offer From the Insurance Company for My Bicycle Accident Case. Should I Take It?

Video Transcription:
If someone gets a call from the insurance company after a cycling accident and the insurance company wants to start talking about an offer or the value of their case they should be skeptical. In their own mind they’re wondering if it’s going to be fair or if it’s going to be a low ball offer. I can tell you that in my experience when an insurance company talks to someone that doesn’t have a lawyer, they can’t help themselves, it’s going to be a low ball offer, by and large.

Here’s a horror story… I was talking to someone not long ago who had been involved in an accident. They dealt with the insurance company over an extended period of time with a very cordial, pleasant relationship, which is exactly what insurance companies tend to do. And, the insurance adjuster finally says “why don’t we talk about settling your case,” and they made an offer. And, the person thought, wow, this seems kinda low to me. Then when we discussed it, I was shocked that their case was worth tremendously more than what this offer was.

So, generally when the insurance company makes an offer to someone who is unrepresented, it’s going to be a low ball offer.

Jim Dodson
A Florida injury lawyer, family man and avid cyclist who clients have trusted for over 25 years.