Do I Have a Florida Wrongful Death Claim if My Loved One Lives Out of State?

Video Transcription:
What if you live out of state and your mother or your father or a relative was visiting Florida and was killed as a result of a pedestrian accident in which a car was involved and was at fault. Many times the question arises is whether a claim can be brought in Florida for the death of your relative or the survivor.

The answer is yes obviously, depending on whether there’s liability that can be proven against the driver of the car at fault. But just because you might live out of state as a survivor and your mother and your father also live out state but they were killed in Florida, certainly doesn’t mean that a claim can’t be brought against the driver responsible for the their death here.

In each of these situations, I would urge you to contact an experienced pedestrian injury lawyer with knowledge of how our wrongful death statutes actually operate and understand exactly what may be done in your situation. Don’t assume that nothing can be done.

Has A Loved One Died Due To The Negligence Of Others?

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