Can I Have a Brain Injury Even Though I wasn't Knocked Unconscious?

Video Transcription:
You don't have to lose consciousness to have a brain injury. You can have a brain injury after you have hit your head or had an acceleration or deceleration experience with your head. Feeling dazed and confused or "foggy" are all indications that you have had internal injury to the neurons of the brain in such a way that it could be some type of minor brain injury. If you've had a concussion or you don't remember that you were unconscious these are all experiences that are consistent of a brain injury.

It's important to know these things about brain injuries because you need to treat and be evaluated by a physician who really does understand brain injuries in order to make sure that you are being diagnosed and treated properly. Over the years, attorney Jim Dodson has seen people go to a neurologist and they didn't get the proper treatment they needed. You would think that all neurologists understand brain injuries but sadly that is not the case. This is why it is important to get referred to someone who actually deals with brain injuries, like a brain injury specialist.

Have You Suffered A Brain Injury Due To An Accident?

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