When a Cyclist is Passing Another Cyclist, Do They Have to Give at Least Three Feet?

Video Transcription:
I had a call recently from a member of a cycling club that we are involved in and he had a simple question. He said that they run a group ride and they were passed by another group of cyclists, so close to them that it frightened him. He felt that it was unsafe.

So, his question was, "does the three foot rule apply to someone on a bike as well." I said, "let me look." When I looked through the statute, it's pretty clear in my view that it does because when you look at the definition of a vehicle in Florida it includes someone on a bicycle. And, if you go through where a vehicle is on the roadway and passing another vehicle, it all fits and in my view the three foot rule applies to a cyclist who's passing another cyclist as well. They need to give an indication to other traffic that they are moving left to make the pass and they've got to give three feet to the cyclist they are passing. It's just the safer thing to do.

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