Why Every Florida Driver Should Have UM Coverage on Their Auto Policy

Video Transcription:
Dustin Butler, a pizza delivery driver, was hit by a car that came over the median on Ulmerton Road. He suffered an injury to his arm and a lung contusion. Dustin hired a lawyer only to find out that the other driver did not have insurance and all he had was Florida No Fault and no UM coverage. His car was totaled, he had medical bills, he lost his job and now he was stuck with paying for it all. Dustin's story is like many stories in Florida. Most people have absolutely no idea the type of coverage they have on their car until after an accident when it is too late. More than 25% of drivers in Florida are uninsured which is why it is very important to carry UM on your policy.

Jim Dodson, a Florida personal injury lawyer has represented people injured in car, pedestrian, bicycle and motorcycle accidents for more than 25 years. He does not sell insurance but after working with thousands of accident victims over the years, he became committed to writing a handbook that would help injured Floridians understand their insurance needs before they were involved in an accident. Order a copy of his free book, Uninsured Motorist Insurance - Don't Leave Home Without It, so you can understand the type of coverage you need to protect yourself. Don't end up in a situation like Dustin.

Each case is different and past results do not necessarily indicate future results.

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