The Impact Drunk Driving has on American Lives

Video Transcription:
Did you know in the United States almost 10,000 people are killed by drunk drivers every year. If you think about it that’s about the same as 40 commercial airliners crashing every year. Can you imagine the outcry if that happened? Yet, we quietly sit by while this tragedy of drunk driving, which is entirely preventable and which is an intentional act done by the person behind the wheel, continues to fester in our society year after year. But behind those numbers real families are affected. Someone’s mother, spouse, their child. Families are forever torn apart because of this voluntary decision that someone made to drive drunk.

In our practice we represent the victims of drunk driving accidents but we want to use this website to raise public awareness to this problem, and working with MADD to put a face behind some of those statistics, those numbers of how it actually affects people. It has been said that about one in three people will be affected by a drunk driving accident during their lifetime. If you find that you’re one of those people and you need help, we’re here. Simply, pick up the phone and call.

Have You Or A Loved One Been Injured By A Drunk Driver?

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