Epidural Steroid Injections for Back Injuries

Video Transcription:
If someone has experienced a fall, cycling crash, or a motor vehicle accident and they have spinal pain, one of the things a pain management doctor or an anesthesiologist would consider or recommend is an epidural steroid injection which is a shot that goes in through the spine into the epidural space. It is designed to target the location of where the pain is originating. They use an anesthetic and an anti-inflammatory.

The purpose of an epidural steroid injection is not only to identify and reduce the pain in the area but the byproduct is to give you more flexibility, more ability to move  and undertake physical therapy. And, it’s that blocking the inflammatory process, giving you the opportunity to get the therapy that you need and sort of slow the process down and hopefully get back to a much better quality of life.

It is definitely something that should be considered if you have a back injury that is causing you pain. Epidural steroid injections are very effective and mainstream in pain management today.

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