The Doctors Failed to Diagnose Acute Appendicitis

Video Transcription:
Acute appendicitis is commonly misdiagnosed. Most of us when we think of appendicitis consider right lower abdominal pain and fever to be the classic symptoms. This can be true, however it's not always this straight forward.

If someone complains of abdominal tenderness and pain, appendicitis should be one of the considerations. There are other abdominal situations that have similar presentation. The proper test needs to be performed to determine if it's appendicitis or not. Typically, this may be a CT scan. If a diagnosis is not made timely and the appendix ruptures it could create tremendous consequences for the patient. This could cause serious infections, adhesions, sterility, lack of fertility, continuous abdominal pain, and obstruction. This is why a timely diagnosis is very important.

If there is a failure to diagnose acute appendicitis there is a potential for a medical malpractice claim to be made against the medical facility.

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