What's a Fair Percentage for a Lawyer to Take in an Accident Case?

Video Transcription:
Virtually all the lawyers in Florida who handle injury cases are doing it on a percentage basis. And, the reason this developed is people didn't want to go into something not knowing what their fee responsibility was going to be. This is how the contingent fee agreement developed so the lawyer then only looks to the accident case as the source for their payment.

Over the course of time, the contingent fee in Florida became fairly standard at a third of the settlement recovery. So, basically the lawyer's fee is 33.3% of the settlement. Under the rules of the Florida Bar, a lawyer can charge as much as 40% if the victim's case goes into a lawsuit.

At Jim Dodson Law, even if your case does require a lawsuit, we don't raise our fee beyond 33.3% unless we are unable to get your case settled at the first mediation conference. If it does go further past the first mediation conference the fee will raise depending on how long it takes but it will never go over 40% of the settlement.

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