Five of the Most Dangerous Roads for Pedestrians & Cyclists in Fort Myers

Video Transcription:
2014 turned out to be a pretty deadly year in Fort Myers, Florida for cycling and pedestrian accidents. Press reports indicate that over 524 total collisions occurred and 25 of these were fatal. In a recent press release, they identified the five most deadly or dangerous roads for pedestrians and cyclists in Fort Myers. These include:

  1. U.S. 41 (Cleveland Avenue)
  2. State Road 80 (Palm Beach Blvd.)
  3. Lee Blvd.
  4. Estero Blvd.
  5. State Road 78 (Bayshore Road)

The same release identified the most dangerous times of the day for people to be on these roads and they were typically in the afternoon. Pedestrians and cyclists should try and avoid these high density roads during these dangerous times of high density traffic. It's also encouraged for people to be highly visible.

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