Five Reasons Why Hiring a Bicycle Accident Attorney is in Your Best Interest

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Jim Dodson is a cyclist and he's a cycling accident lawyer in Clearwater. He rides his bike every week like most cyclists do, belongs to numerous cycling clubs throughout Florida and he is involved in many cycling events throughout the year. Jim has been approached by other cyclists at rides and events asking him if there are good reasons to hire a bicycle accident lawyer or if it's just the same to hire any personal injury attorney. Jim has come up with five good reasons it might be in your best interest to hire a lawyer who has experience handling cycling cases and one who is actually a cyclist themselves.

  1. A lawyer who is a cyclist understands the conditions and situations that other cyclists go through everyday while riding on Florida roads. They understand what it's like to be yelled at by drivers, be run off the road and told to get on the sidewalk.
  2. As a cyclist, Jim understands where you ride, the speeds you ride and where you don't ride at the same time. This can be a very important part in making a juror or a claims adjuster understand how the accident happened and why it couldn't have happened perhaps the way the defense is portraying the accident.
  3. A cyclist also understands the function of a bicycle. What a carbon frame means. Jim understands the questions you need to ask a bike shop repair man about the damaged bike and if they would actually ride it in the condition it is in after an accident. Should the frame be repaired or should the whole bike be replaced.
  4. There's also the issues of traffic and cycling laws which can be confusing. Many cops, a lot of jurors and claims adjusters simply don't understand how unique they are and how they apply on the road.
  5. In a serious accident, a cyclist could lose the ability to ride as far, or as fast, or in the worst case scenario, never again. This can be devastating and this needs to be communicated to someone who understands what that loss means. An attorney who isn't a cyclist probably doesn't understand that.

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