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Hi. I'm Jim Dodson. My practice is in Clearwater but we represent clients throughout the state. In our practice a good majority of our cases are referred by other lawyers, many in my own community who know me well, others from around the state and even lawyers from across the country.

I say this because I understand what it is like to work with a client who has been referred to us by another lawyer, and, I also refer cases myself. In the process of making my own referrals, it drives me up a wall when I make a referral and I don't hear back from the lawyer as to whether the client called, or they took the case, or they didn't take the case. Many attorneys never communicate with a referring lawyer.

I want to tell you that will never happen if you make a referral to my office because I'm going to make sure that you get a call from me or you're going to get a personal note from me the day that client calls. You'll know whether they've reached out to us and what we're going to do, whether we're going to take the case or we're going to make an appointment the following week or whatever is going to happen.

I know as a referring lawyer the last thing you want is a client calling you saying, "the lawyer is not calling me back." I tell you that will never happen in our practice. It simply won't happen.

And finally, I know a referring lawyer wants to be kept apprised as to what is happening with the case. So, every sixty days all lawyers who refer cases to us will get a letter telling you the status of the negotiations, or the treatment, or where we are with the handling of the case.

I look forward to working with you. If I can do anything to help you, just call me at 888-815-6398.

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