I was Hit By a County Bus, How Long Do I Have to Bring My Case in Florida?

Video Transcription:
When someone is in an accident involving a county bus, they have a limited period of time to bring their claim. That period is controlled by Florida's statute of limitations. It sets out exactly how long you have to bring any claim in Florida.

A typical accident involving a county bus where someone was either cycling, walking, riding a motorcycle, or driving a car, the time limit to bring the claim is four years. However, there is a big condition to this, and that is that they need to give the county, the municipal agency that owns the bus, a notice of the claim within three years. If the notice is not received within the three years of the accident, a claim can't be brought even though the four years have not expired. This three year period is a condition that has to be met before a claim can be filed. Then the municipal agency has six months after the notice has been given to investigate and determine what actions they'll take to settle or reach some agreement.

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