What is Florida's No-Fault Death Benefit?

Video Transcription:
In Florida there is a particular benefit that is available in the most tragic situations where someone dies as a result of an accident involving a car. This could be someone who was in a car or someone who was hit by a car as a pedestrian or a bicyclist. If a person dies in this type of situation, there are two specific ways that the loved ones can recover. One of these benefits is what they call the Death Benefit under Florida's No-Fault statute.

Remember that each of us are required to protect ourselves in a car that we own through the purchase of No-Fault insurance. Most of the time we think of that in terms of paying our medical bills when we are involved in an accident. But No-Fault also has a $5,000 death benefit. So, in addition to paying medical bills, it will also pay the family of someone who dies in an accident involving a car, a death benefit of $5,000.

Obviously, this is not the compensation that the family would receive from the person who caused the accident, which is the personal injury claim. This is simply a death benefit available through No-Fault that's payable immediately to those who survived the loved one to help defray some of those initial expenses that the family, no doubt will incur. 

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