Four Reasons You Should Call the Police After a Car Accident

Video Transcription:
You should always call the police after a car accident. Here are four important reasons why you should:

  1. It will prove that the other driver was there that day. Many times if there isn't a police report, the other driver may change their mind and deny that they were even there.
  2. Drivers are more likely to admit their responsibility immediately after the accident. If the police are not called to the scene and the driver thinks about it for several days they may start to blame it on the other driver.
  3. A police report particularly where the driver has admitted fault is a powerful tool to use in getting your case settled and getting your car repaired or replaced by their insurance company. When they see that their driver admitted it and was given the ticket for the accident, there typically isn't a great deal of debate about who was at fault.
  4. It may be not apparent right away that you have significant injuries because many times people within the first hours of the accident don't have evidence of serious injuries but unfortunately they could develop over the next few hours, days or weeks. Not having a police report can be a big problem down the road when you are trying to get your medical bills paid.

This is why it's important to call the police after a car accident. Make sure you get a police report so that the accident and what happened is documented.

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