Why Do We Have Such a High Rate of Pedestrian Accidents in Pinellas County?

Video Transcription:
In Pinellas County, predominantly Clearwater and St. Petersburg, we are in one of the highest pedestrian injury zones in the state of Florida. Why do so many pedestrian accidents occur here?

Pinealls County is one of the most densely populated counties in Florida. There is a lot of high volume arterial roads where the speed limit is 35-45mph and above. Many times the crosswalks are a great distance apart and we have lots of people trying to cross these roads at times and places when they shouldn't be, and there is an elderly population that doesn't cross the road as quickly as drivers expect them to.

All of these things combined lead to an unusually high number of pedestrian collisions and this is something that we as pedestrians and drivers need to be aware of so we can avoid them.

Jim Dodson
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