I was Hit By a Driver Running a Red Light, Do I Have a Case?

Video Transcription:
The consequences of speeding causes more serious accidents. Let's talk a minute about this.

I've talked before about how the speeding driver in Florida causes more serious injuries than any other type of accident. One thing that all drivers do all the time is approach a traffic light. When a light turns yellow, that means slow down but many drivers speed up because they are in a hurry. The most common expression given after one of these accidents is, "I was in a hurry."

When a driver speeds up, all of the negative things of a speeding driver come into play... velocity, reaction time, and stopping distance. This is why so many of the intersection collisions involving someone speeding results in death or serious harm to another driver.

The drivers who do this have to be held responsible which is what we're committed to do in our practice.

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