The Process of a Lawsuit Explained

Video Transcription:
I found that when we have a client whose case does need a lawsuit filed, there's a lot of anticipation or concern by the client that this process is going to take years and years. And, one of the common questions is why and how long will it take.

First, in the courts where we practice, it does not take years and years. But, the process sometimes does take longer than I want and most of the time it's a function of a compelling defense lawyer and their schedule to get matters scheduled. For instance, when you have a case involving one, two or three law firms defending various defendants in a case, their calendars are usually a lot more complex than mine because every case they have is a lawsuit whereas every case I have is not.

Getting a simple matter scheduled with multiple lawyers on multiple calendars does take longer then we wish and the process can drag out a little bit but it clearly doesn't take years and years and it's certainly not a reason not to file a lawsuit where you need to do so in order to put them in a position to pay what ought to be paid on your case.

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