Ways Pedestrians Can Be Injured Walking On a Sidewalk

Video Transcription:
Sidewalks are viewed by pedestrians as the safest place to walk for good reason because they should be. Typically, if a pedestrian is on the sidewalk and they are injured in a collision with a car, most of the time, virtually all the time the fault lies on the driver because of something they did wrong.

What we probably hear about most frequently is someone who is driving a car becomes distracted, they reach for something or they do something behind the wheel and then the car drifts off the road and runs over the sidewalk striking the pedestrian.

There are also situations where there's an intersection collision, the pedestrian is on the side of the road on the sidewalk but the cars get knocked around and end up hitting the pedestrian who is actually standing in the "safe zone". And, in many of our city's streets we have sidewalks that come right up to the edge of the street itself, so the curb and the sidewalk meet. We've seen situations where a pedestrian was on the sidewalk but close to the curb and they get struck by the rearview mirror of a vehicle that's passing.

There are a lot of different ways that a pedestrian can be hit or injured while walking on the sidewalk. These situations primarily involve something that the driver has done wrong and they definitely need to be held responsible when this occurs.

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