What Can a Lawyer Do for Someone Who has Been in a Pedestrian Accident?

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I think that many people have a question in their mind about what exactly a lawyer is going to do for them after a Florida pedestrian crash. Most people wonder what kind of money can a lawyer collect on their behalf which is certainly a major part of what we do. But something that shouldn't be overlooked is how the lawyer will make sure they can get the money that they are entitled to in terms of compensation for the injury they have suffered.

Some of the cases we are involved in are questioning who is at fault for the accident. We have situations all the time where the police rolled up to the accident and investigated it improperly. They might have indicated that the pedestrian was partially at fault when we can prove that they were not. When we can shift the responsibility to that of the driver. This can take a case where there was potentially no compensation to a case where the pedestrian is entitled to compensation.

Another thing we run into is making sure that an injured client is, number one, seeing a doctor and number two, that they are seeing a doctor in a timely fashion, not letting periods of time go by when they are not being treated. This can be a killer to a case. The other thing is to make sure that they consider all of the ways that the accident has affected them.  

We sit down with our clients at the time that we make our settlement demand to the insurance company and probe in their life exactly how the accident has affected them. A perfect example is a case I had just last week. I was talking to my client and he prepared a long list of what he thought the accident had done to him and how it changed is life. After I got done talking to him for an hour, we had three pages of very major issues that he was suffering that had never been brought up. And, if my client was trying to settle their claim with an insurance adjuster on their own, it would have never been brought up because an adjuster is never going to ask those questions.

So, these are some of the things that we do to add value to a case that can actually be settled.

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