Warning: Facebook Can Hurt Your Personal Injury Case

Video Transcription:
Facebook has become just a part of our lives, let's face it. We are used to sharing the activities of friends and family and putting up our own activities for them to see as well. And, there is a big part of our lives that we lay out there for all of them to see. The fact that all of this exists has really become quite apparent to a claims adjuster who's evaluating a claim after someone gets injured or maybe a defense attorney if the case has to be filed as a lawsuit.

So, once someone files an injury claim or has an injury claim, you have to assume that anything you put on Facebook is going to be seen by an insurance adjuster or defense attorney. One of the first things they do is to go on Facebook and find an account under the person's name or anyone associated or linked to that account. It isn't that they are really looking for something that says "you can no longer ride a horse" or "you can no longer run" and they find you doing that. It's more likely that they're going to look for something that has been posted in that account that looks like it could be inconsistent. And, it doesn't even require someone to be dishonest about it, it's just that there is some much information there and so many photos that it's very easy to find something that, in the eyes of a third party, can be seen as inconsistent with the limitations that the person might be expressing about their life after their injury.

Most lawyers these days are telling their clients that they need to be off Facebook, and not post photos of themselves with the understanding that anytime such an image is posted you have to assume it's going to be seen by the other side and they will confront you or your lawyer down the line.

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