How We Helped Another Cyclist that was Injured in a Crash in Another State

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Hi, I'm Jim Dodson, The Florida Bike Guy. So I always like to hear from people who have confirmed this message that I get out about bike safety, insurance and helmet technology that's useful, and then people apply it in their lives.

So a little war story from a lawyer's office. I received a call today from someone who lives out of state. They were in Florida and heard me speak somewhere about insurance, bike safety, helmet technology, and what have you. And, they actually did something about it. They went home and reviewed their uninsured motorist. They significantly increased it. They both got the Trek WaveCel, helmet. And it turns out that one of them was riding recently and was unfortunately struck by a car from the rear in kind of an unusual crash. Pretty serious injuries with  surgery, with some fractures and other injuries.

But you know, if there is a silver lining from this number one, no head injury. That is due in part to the helmet technology. Because I clearly get a number of people injured with helmets on who still end up with a concussion, but they didn't because they had the WaveCel helmet on by Trek, which is really rated well for protecting and minimizing the incidents of a concussion.

So while they called us after a crash, they had acted on what they heard me talk about, which is such a relief to me personally, and gratifying that the messages that we put out is being heard and acted on. Although this person had been significantly injured in the crash, they did not have a concussion and they were well-protected by their insurance or the uninsured motorists that they had purchased. Kind of as a sidelight, now this crash occurred out of state where I couldn't represent them, but we have spent considerable time today looking for and finding what we think is the right person for them in their situation.

We looked at many websites and talked to many law firms to get a sense of,  not only do they have a good website, but that they know what they're talking about and it's the right match for someone. So that's another thing that we do. And for those who need us, you know, even if we can't personally step in and help them because they got injured out of state we will help you find someone in the state you were injured in.

So, now remember that I'm a personal injury lawyer. I have a special emphasis in cycling cases. We represent cyclists regardless of where you are in Florida, regardless of whether you were injured on the bike or in car crash or whatever. If you need me, call me. I'm here to help. I'm Jim Dodson,  The Florida Bike Guy. Be safe and get the insurance and use the technology. Thanks so much. Bye.

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